Into The Woods Medley - Music Video

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An ancient prophecy speaks about a man, destined to live a life of sorrow, misunderstanding, shame and ultimately death. No other individual has so changed humanity. God himself stepped down, He became one of us. Now He asks us to trust Him. To follow Him. To Sacrifice. To give up our life. To live His life.

This original arrangement starts with the song 'Into The Woods', speaking about the closing scenes in the life of Jesus Christ.

It then transitions into 'Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone', drawing our focus to the privilege we have to give our lives in service and sacrifice as He did. It finishes on a glorious note of triumph when we shall be together with Him on the sea of glass.

Filmed at Kylie's Hut in the Crowdy Bay National Park, NSW, Australia at the 2015 Music Camp. Run by Eastward Missionary College.

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