O Little Town of Bethlehem – The Advent Herald Quartet 4K

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The birth of Christ seems shrouded in the wonder and glory of Christmas. But today, as always, the truth is that Jesus’ birth was very lowly, especially in comparison to His eternal place as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!   Worse still was the lack of welcome that faced His life from His very birth.  
Today the appeal is simple: will we make room in our hearts for Jesus?

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The Advent Herald Quartet:
Nick W. - Tenor
Ethan C. - Lead
James C. - Baritone
Daniel F. - Bass

Special thanks to the Garcia Family (Principal of Great Lakes Adventist Academy) for letting us use their home & fireplace, to the Hanns (PR for Great Lakes Adventist Academy) for letting us use their beautiful cabin, and to our kind neighbors, who let us film in their barn and on their property.

Producer: Craig Cleveland
Cinematographer: Mark Paden
Director of Music: James Cleveland

Audio Engineering: Advent Herald Studios
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