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Originally Performed by FORGIVEN
Cover By His Bloodline
Sabbath Lyrics
From the beginning You loved us
And from Your heart You have expressed it
Through the eternal gift that you gave

In only six days You created
The world a masterpiece you painted
But the seventh was exceptional

Maker of the Universe
I praise You on Your Sabbath Day
I thank You for this time that you have hallowed
A day that I can rest in You
Glorious and Holy the day that You delight in
A gift for the world that You created
I worship on the day that You have given me

As time passed by we grew so distant
And we forgot the gift You gave us
The gift that will remind us who You are

But then You sent Your only son
For Him to show us the way home
By example He restored

I'm the one who sanctifies it
You will find your joy in Me
And I will cause you to ride the heights of the land
The mouth of Jehovah says these

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